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We are looking for experienced specialists in industries such as banking, finance, IT, sales and customer service.


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EuroTarget.co.uk specialises in delivering comprehensive recruitment campaigns targeted at finding Polish personnel.


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EuroTarget.co.uk supports British employers by providing skilled Polish personnel, offering recruitment advertising support in Poland and ongoing support in all aspects of recruitment work to help you find and retain the best employees possible. In addition, our knowledge of other CEE markets also allows us to conduct recruitment campaigns in other CEE countries.


Due to the high demand for Polish employees in the UK, the Eurotarget Consultancy has been separated out from the marketing communication agency Picklemedia.com, to give British employers access to skilled personnel from Poland and other CEE countries. The EuroTarget.co.uk team are people of Polish origin, with many years’ experience of working in the UK on various Polish recruitment and marketing projects. Our network of contacts and knowledge of the CEE markets resulted in the creation of a professional Polish recruitment agency, ideal to identify and locate much-needed reliable employees.


We believe that the competitive advantage of any business starts with the right personnel. We realise the importance of a friendly brand, not only among customers, but also among potential employees. We specialise in organising recruitment communication campaigns targeted at Polish Professionals in various industry sectors. We help you to reach your potential employees whether you want to recruit for full time, part time or temporary basis.

Our job is to help you to access potential Polish employees in Poland, the UK and other EU countries.